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Caleb's new book, Successful Hiring for Financial Planners, has been released!

Successful Hiring for Financial Planners delivers a comprehensive plan to help your firm grow so you can serve the consumers who are in need of your guidance the most.

Praise for Successful Hiring...

“Successful Hiring is by far your best how-to guide to getting the right people on your bus and successfully navigating the future talent shortage in the financial planning profession.”

– Bob Veres, author, The New Profession

“Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is the go-to, comprehensive guide to recruiting, hiring, and training, new financial planners. If you're thinking about hiring for your firm, read this book.”

– Alan Moore, CFP®, Co-Founder, XY Planning Network

“In this essential guide, Caleb offers practical tools and techniques to optimize your hiring process to ensure that you identify and attract the candidates who are the best fit for your firm. A must read for firms focused on growth.”

– Dave Yeske, CFP®, Co-Founder Yeske Buie

“A talent shortage is on the horizon for our profession. Brown’s Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is the guide Abacus’s needs to compete for the best talent and more importantly, invest in that talent for our future success. From tips on working with younger generations to templates for a turnkey recruiting system, the book is a must read.”

– Cheryl Holland, CFP®, President & Founder, Abacus Planning Group

“Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is a must-read for any advisor who wants to expand their firm. Caleb shares strategies for hiring not just next-generation talent, but also for better managing the hiring process, including when to start planning for your next hire, how to evaluate new hires – as well as yourself -- and then integrate new talent successfully into your firm.”

– Kate Healy, Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional

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Avoid Getting Rejected By Candidates

As the holiday season winds down and the hiring season ramps up, this month’s article describes what financial planning firms should be doing to increase the likelihood a career seeker accepts their offer of employment. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than needing to restart the process from step 1 or having to go back to...

Pre New Year’s Resolutions

2017 will soon be in the books and for the most part it seemed to be a very good year for a lot of you, so congrats! To continue to build upon these successes and avert the challenges facing our profession, it is increasingly necessary that you continue to fully utilize every asset at your...

Successful Successions

Last time we looked at some do’s and don’ts when it pertains to offering ownership for potential hires and current team members.  This month, we will share the specifics from three, of the many, succession success stories we have observed working with financial planning firms on hiring and integrating new talent.  Below we lay out...

Offering Ownership

One of the benefits of the independent RIA model is the privately held nature of the business entity. Usually owned outright by one or more founding members of the firm, this structure uniquely positions firms under this model to add other equity owners, unlike other structures such as banks, brokerage, and wirehouses. This is advantageous...