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A Firm Passionate About Growing the Financial Planning Profession

Our Mission and Purpose

Our recruiting firm was founded with one goal in mind. We want to positively shape the financial planning profession by supplying top-level talent to high-growth firms so more consumers will ultimately have access to financial planning services. Part of our mission includes increasing awareness around financial planning career paths and solidifying the profession’s standing among other reputable and established service professions.

Caleb Brown and Michael Kitces, our two co-founders, have been long standing contributors to and advocates of the financial planning profession. They built our foundation around a strong belief that a career in financial planning is the best job anyone could ever have.

New Planner Recruiting supports both hiring firms and professionals seeking the right fit to facilitate effective and prosperous working relationships.

Meet the Team


CALEB BROWN | Co-Founder & Partner


Caleb loves doing his part in building a better and stronger financial planning profession through helping new planners enter the profession, helping firms find the best talent, and helping the American people have greater access to financial planning services. He takes the standing desk to the next level by standing on a balance board simultaneously. Outside of work you can find him in nature with his children and wife.



Michael E. Kitces | Co-Founder & Partner


Michael experienced firsthand the challenges in finding his first few jobs as a financial advisor. It warms his heart to know that New Planner Recruiting is helping new financial advisors find meaningful career opportunities while simultaneously helping the firms creating those opportunities. While he is working he turns off all the notifications for everyone to fully focus on what he’s working on (Or at least have slightly fewer excuses to get distracted. 🙂) Outside of work he’s a husband, father, and gamer.


Jesse Lineberry, CFP® Account Executive

Jesse is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant with a B.S. in Applied Economic Management from Virginia Tech. He spent 4 years working as an Associate Financial Advisor in Virginia and North Carolina. Jesse is also a part-time instructor of personal finance at Virginia Tech. He has a passion for educating, encouraging, and facilitating desirable outcomes among his peers.


Alyssa Van Auker

Alyssa thrives with the variety brought in the day to day at New Planner Recruiting from moving the candidates through the process of finding their perfect fit to creating newsletters to send to candidates and clients. She starts her day with a mug of hot chocolate no matter what time of year it is. Outside of work you can catch her watching gymnastics or planning her next adventure.