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Team Performance Consulting

What our clients have to say

“While individual Kolbe reports can be interesting, informative, and useful, Caleb and The New Planner team were able to provide an analysis of our group as a whole that was extremely eye opening. The analysis they conducted provided for how the individual characteristics, or conative strengths, of team members aggregate and interact across the firm as a whole were both fascinating and clearly accurate. Ultimately, The New Planner team provided us with actionable insights for how to evaluate individual results in the context of our firm as a whole. Highly recommended.”

Elissa Buie, CFP®
Co-Founder, Yeske Buie

"We hired New Planner Recruiting to do a leadership assessment with our executive team to help us better understand our strengths, and uncover gaps that needed to be addressed. It was incredibly helpful as we looked to build trust amongst our team, and ensure we were building towards a diverse and strong team. We have been able to use the results and coaching we received to lay the foundation for the explosive team growth we have experienced in the last few years. If you're looking to build a strong foundation to help grow your business, I highly recommend this service."

Alan Moore
CEO & Co-Founder, XY Planning Network
  • Wrong people in the wrong seat

  • Right people in the wrong seat

  • Right people in the right seat

How do you really know if your team(s) is functioning at the optimum level?

Does your staff seem to be struggling with the workload?

Have you considered you might have the right people, but they could be in the wrong roles?

Click below to take the team survey and receive your free team report detailing what type of team you have.

We are committed to helping you deliver best-in-class client service, increase revenue, and maintain profit margins, so every member on your team must be operating at their highest and best use.

Our Team Performance Consulting reviews your current human capital assets in detail to analyze teams at a micro and macro level and assess the synergy of each team member, individual client service team units, and the organization as a whole. Some of the possible positive side effects of this analysis include preventing employee burnout, making better hires, and reducing overall turnover.

Our consulting services are available to those firms that:

    • Are growing;
    • Have 5 or more staff members;
    • Believe that employees are one of a firm's greatest assets;
    • Open to changing the way they approach human capital;
    • Comfortable making tactical and strategic organizational decisions