You're good at financial planning for your clients,we're good at finding and integrating the right people for your team.

Let's both stick to what we're good at.

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    "A human capital strategy almost supersedes every other strategy in the marketplace."

    Mark Tibergien

    "Your help with our last hire was a tremendous benefit to me."

    David Lewis

    "Our new hire is doing very well.  She is fitting in nicely, has been effective in taking over some existing relationships, and has started to market our firm to prospective clients.  Good job on the recommendation! " 

    Morgan Stone, MBA, CFP®

    "...I feel like this is going to be a really good fit and a good long-term relationship.  I just wanted to say thank you again for your help and all the great work you guys did to help me on this."  

    Bill Cleveland, MBA, CPA, CFP®, PFS

    "We made her an offer which she accepted and we can’t thank you enough…she’s special and we never would have found her on our own."

    John Augenblick, MBA, CFP

    "New Planner Recruiting is much more than your standard recruiting firm; Caleb and his colleagues are basically an extension of our organization.  As a result of the detailed diligence they performed on us, their knowledge of our industry, and the types of applicants they work with, they have been able to identify the right candidates for our firm with an extraordinarily high success rate.  The days of looking through hundreds of resumes, or knowing five minutes into an interview that the candidate is a poor fit, are thankfully gone.  Over the past two years, we have filled four positions with New Planner Recruiting, and most remarkably, we have yet to have an offer declined and all hires have been successful.  Thank you!"

    Eric Sontag, CFA

    "Working with NPR was one of the best decisions that I have made as a business owner.  While we prided ourselves on a fairly thorough recruiting process, NPR put us to shame.  Their ability to assess technical skills, personality and client-readiness was far beyond what we could have done.  And as a busy business owner, they saved me DAYS of time in screening and initial interviews to get me several top notch candidates.  I have recommended NPR to other firms and will continue to consider them as part of my future firm growth strategy.  Stop wasting valuable revenue producing time doing something you are not good at and hire NPR!" 

    Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®

    “You guys make the hiring process a pleasure!"
    Fred Cornelius, CFP, CFA ~Burt Wealth

    What candidates do we work with?

    • Has, or is pursuing CFP® certification
    • Top 10% in capabilities, top 1% in effort
    • Demonstrated passion for the financial planning profession
    • Commitment to a career in financial planning
    • Takes a No Job is Beneath Them Mentality
    • Above average sense of urgency
    • Life-long learner

    What firms do we work with?

    • Firms that are serious about financial planning
    • Offering salaried, non-sales, support type positons that can grow into more
    • Has reasonable expectations for new hires
    • Career track options
    • Growing revenue and client base
    • Culture of collaboration and mentorship
    • Utilize technology

    What Story Do You Have To Tell Prospective New Hires?


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    Is Your Interview Process Too Lengthy?

    Everyone who follows these articles knows that our approach is to be as thorough and precise as possible when it comes to candidate selection. At what point, though, does a hiring process become too lengthy and a deterrent for job seekers? Since, the current demand for new planners is high and supply is small, the...

    Setting Reasonable Expectations for New Planners Part 2 of 2

    Last month we discussed what expectations are generally unreasonable for a new planner hire and this month we look at what firm owners SHOULD expect from their new planner.  As I mentioned last month, not all new financial planners are equal. Nonetheless it’s reasonable to have some solid, but realistic expectations for a good candidate...

    Setting Reasonable Expectations for New Planners Part 1 of 2

    Throughout my career I have witnessed firm owners’ frustrations with new planners they have hired or were interviewing. Their frustrations stem from lack of clarity on what type of education a new planner receives and what can be expected of them. Also, firm owners sometimes don’t know what role they are trying to fill so...

    Learn the ins-and-outs of recruiting, hiring, and training talent.

    Check out our recently-released 9-part course, “Building Your Dream Team: Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Talent in Financial Planning.”

    You'll learn...

    » How the financial planning industry is changing, and how that impacts your hiring lifecycle

    » Our process for recruiting

    » How to correctly make an offer to applicants

    » How to attract rockstar hires that stay with your company

    And much more!