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New Planner Recruiting
cuts out wasted time

by giving you access to a large pool of qualified employers, rather than subjecting you to the tedium of applying to them one at a time.

The Old Way

Spends tons of time filling out separate applications and screening assessments for each employer.

The New Planner Recruiting way

You go through the screening process once with us and gain access to our whole pool of qualified employers!

What career seekers have to say

"As an aspiring financial advisor with limited industry experience, Caleb really took the time to understand both my personal and technical skills. Throughout the recruiting process, I was able to identify my skill set and career goals. With Caleb’s expertise and knowledge in the financial planning industry, I was introduced to a firm that was a perfect fit for me. Thanks to New Planner Recruiting, I have landed a position as an Associate Financial Advisor at an incredible firm doing what I love. I couldn’t be more thankful to have been introduced to New Planner Recruiting!"

Logan Ross

"New Planner Recruiting did a great job facilitating the recruiting process. I found it especially helpful to work with a recruiter who specializes and has experience in the financial planning industry. Caleb and his team are an excellent source for candidates to discuss career goals and insure expectations for a new position are aligned."

Allison Palmer

"New Planner Recruiting process was thorough and eye-opening. I was able to understand my strengths and weaknesses better, which gave me confidence and a foundation for my own personal action plan. Caleb's expertise and experience matched me with a great company where I feel connected and identified with the company's culture and values. I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support throughout this process."

Juan Guevara

"I first met Caleb a few years ago while finishing my CFP courses. When I was ready to fully change careers in 2015, he was my first call. Not only did he remember me, he secured me an interview within a week. That interview turned into my new career, and I am deeply grateful for New Planner Recruiting’s expertise and guidance during one of the biggest transitions of my life."

Tiffiny Dimel

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have signed an offer letter from.... After meeting with a few members of their management team, I am certain that they are a perfect fit. I wanted to thank you, personally, as our initial phone call really helped me to understand the financial industry within Northern Virginia and what I was looking for in a firm. Also your critiques of my writing exercise were integral in my securing the offer..."

K. Summer

"...I feel like this is going to be a really good fit and a good long-term relationship. I just wanted to say thank you again for your help and all the great work you guys did to help me on this."

Bill Cleveland, MBA, CPA, CFP®, PFS

"I had the pleasure of working with Caleb Brown of New Planner Recruiting during my job search and couldn't have been more impressed with the results. Caleb took the time to understand my career goals and helped me to find the firm that best aligned with my skills and aspirations. His communication throughout the entire process was exceptional, keeping me informed at every stage of the recruitment journey. What stood out to me the most was how efficient and effective the process was at New Planner Recruiting. Thanks to Caleb, I was able to land my dream job within a month of first getting in contact with him, and am forever grateful for that. I would highly recommend New Planner Recruiting for anyone seeking opportunities in this industry. They go above and beyond to connect individuals with the right opportunity."

Matt Keys

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" Since I was young, I had the explicit goal of pursuing a career in financial planning. However, having the idea and knowing how to bring it into reality is vastly different. That's where New Planner Recruiting and Caleb stepped in, bridging the gap between my dreams and their realization.

In reaching out to Caleb with an introductory email, I didn't just present my resume. Instead, I shared my passion for the financial field, highlighted my commitment to continuous learning, and conveyed my innate drive to serve others in the industry. Caleb and the New Planner Recruiting team saw these qualities in me and decided to provide an opportunity where others only saw inexperience.

What transpired next was nothing short of a dream coming true. With Caleb's guidance, I have been placed in a firm that I am proud to be a part of – a place filled with remarkable individuals dedicated to the same values I hold dear.

New Planner Recruiting is not just about securing jobs for candidates; it's about crafting careers and cultivating dreams. Its platform recognizes raw passion, fosters learning, and champions ambition. The path they carve out for aspirants like me is a testament to their unique and compassionate approach to recruiting.

My heartfelt thanks go to Caleb and the entire team at New Planner Recruiting. Your belief in me has propelled me into a fulfilling career and cemented a positive, life-long transformation. Indeed, you're not just shaping professional trajectories but cultivating futures."   Cesar Sandoval

What Candidates
Do We Work With?

  • Has, or is pursuing CFP® certification
  • Top 10% in capabilities, top 1% in effort
  • Demonstrated passion for the financial planning profession
  • Commitment to a career in financial planning
  • Takes a No Job is Beneath Them Mentality
  • Above average sense of urgency
  • Life-long learner

What Firms
Do We Work With?

  • Firms that are serious about financial planning
  • Offering salaried, non-sales, support type positons that can grow into more
  • Has reasonable expectations for new hires
  • Career track options
  • Growing revenue and client base
  • Culture of collaboration and mentorship
  • Utilize technology

What Type Of Candidate Are You?

Majority of FP career entrants
(average candidates)
Very limited supply, in high demand
(above-average candidates)
Extremely limited supply in very high demand
(top candidates)

Do you do what is required or do you go above and beyond what is expected? If you go above and beyond, how far above and beyond do you go? There is a clear difference between an average candidate, an above average candidate, and a top-tier candidate.

An average candidate does the minimum.

An above average candidate goes above and beyond the minimum requirements. They are curious and seek to increase their knowledge and learning through additional experiences.

But a top-tier candidate has a deep desire to succeed and looks for even more areas to increase their skills to put them on the right path to success. These candidates demonstrate they are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

At the end of the day, it’s all about a mindset. Which mindset do you have?

How You Will Benefit from Working With Us

We help new planners get started off on the right step towards a successful career path by placing them in a position and a firm that is the right fit based on their skill set and career goals. In addition to recruiting, screening and placing future superstars in financial planning businesses, we also help with:

  • Educating you on the transition from student to professional
  • Helping you pass the CFP® exam
  • Tips on improving your resume
  • Facilitating and coaching you on the interview process
  • Assist and educate in developing reasonable compensation expectations
  • Discuss possible career tracks available for you
  • Communicating/relaying firm owners expectations
  • Coaching you on tips for working with firm owners(Baby boomers and Gen X)
  • Other tools necessary to help you succeed in your new career

Take the Next Steps to Success with The
New Planner Career Advantage TM Process

Interested in Learning More?

Job Opportunities

We invite you to apply to our job openings below. Keep in mind, though, that our clients have outsourced the hiring to us and do not want to be contacted directly, so they remain anonymous, most of the time, until a candidate is deemed by one of our professionals to be a preliminary fit for the position.

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New Planner Scholarship

We’re offering a $3,000 scholarship to an aspiring or current financial planning student, who has yet to complete all of the courses necessary to sit for the CFP® exam. Deadline for 2023 application submissions is December 1, 2023.

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