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Learn the ins-and-outs of recruiting, hiring, and training talent.

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Caleb's new book, Successful Hiring for Financial Planners, has been released!

Successful Hiring for Financial Planners delivers a comprehensive plan to help your firm grow so you can serve the consumers who are in need of your guidance the most.

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“Successful Hiring is by far your best how-to guide to getting the right people on your bus and successfully navigating the future talent shortage in the financial planning profession.”

– Bob Veres, author, The New Profession

“Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is the go-to, comprehensive guide to recruiting, hiring, and training, new financial planners. If you're thinking about hiring for your firm, read this book.”

– Alan Moore, CFP®, Co-Founder, XY Planning Network

“In this essential guide, Caleb offers practical tools and techniques to optimize your hiring process to ensure that you identify and attract the candidates who are the best fit for your firm. A must read for firms focused on growth.”

– Dave Yeske, CFP®, Co-Founder Yeske Buie

“A talent shortage is on the horizon for our profession. Brown’s Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is the guide Abacus’s needs to compete for the best talent and more importantly, invest in that talent for our future success. From tips on working with younger generations to templates for a turnkey recruiting system, the book is a must read.”

– Cheryl Holland, CFP®, President & Founder, Abacus Planning Group

“Successful Hiring for Financial Planners is a must-read for any advisor who wants to expand their firm. Caleb shares strategies for hiring not just next-generation talent, but also for better managing the hiring process, including when to start planning for your next hire, how to evaluate new hires – as well as yourself -- and then integrate new talent successfully into your firm.”

– Kate Healy, Managing Director, Generation Next, TD Ameritrade Institutional

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Vaccination Status Best Practices

Many financial planning firm owners we talk to are all wondering the same thing, “How do I ensure all of my employees become vaccinated?” Amid another huge wave of COVID-19 cases and the spread of different virus variants, vaccination efforts are becoming more urgent. Many questions are arising for employers regarding if or how to...

Utilizing Finders, Minders, Grinders Effectively

Happy New Year! To continue to capitalize on the momentum you gained last year, start this year off right by making sure you have your teammates in the correct roles within your firm. Having the right person in the wrong fit role (the “wrong seat”) substantially detracts from any efficiencies and scale you have achieved. ...

Compensation Structures for Your Team Members

Even though the Great Resignation has typically had its greatest effect on lower wage earners in the restaurant and hospitality industries, financial planning firms are not immune. In turbulent times such as these, firms need to ensure they are on target/closely monitoring the compensation structures to decide if a revamp/adjustment is necessary.  In this month’s...

Interview Questions You Need to Be Prepared For

The mistakes job seekers make in interviews have been well documented, but the firm owner interviewer is prone to blunders as well. In this month’s article, we are going to review the most common questions job seekers report to us that hiring firms are flubbing in interviews causing job seekers to rethink their interest in...

Hiring Multiple People At Once: Silly or Smart?

We had a recruiting client recently ask us what the pros and cons were for hiring, onboarding, and training multiple people at once, since they had only planned on hiring one person, but were considering hiring up to three at one time based on the candidates we brought to them.   Since this firm had never...