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"A human capital strategy almost supersedes every other strategy in the marketplace."

Mark Tibergien

"Our new hire is doing very well.  She is fitting in nicely, has been effective in taking over some existing relationships, and has started to market our firm to prospective clients.  Good job on the recommendation! " 

Morgan Stone, MBA, CFP®

"We really felt we needed someone to guide us through the process of hiring our first new planner. The team at New Planner Recruiting is exactly what we needed. They gave us good advice from the beginning and guided us throughout the process. We felt very comfortable working with them as demonstrated abundant experience throughout the process. They presented a number of candidates to us and were excellent in indicating who might be a good fit for us. That person has now started with us and we are delighted!"

Martin Hopkins, CFP®

"We made her an offer which she accepted and we can’t thank you enough…she’s special and we never would have found her on our own."

John Augenblick, MBA, CFP

"New Planner Recruiting is much more than your standard recruiting firm; Caleb and his colleagues are basically an extension of our organization.  As a result of the detailed diligence they performed on us, their knowledge of our industry, and the types of applicants they work with, they have been able to identify the right candidates for our firm with an extraordinarily high success rate.  The days of looking through hundreds of resumes, or knowing five minutes into an interview that the candidate is a poor fit, are thankfully gone.  Over the past two years, we have filled four positions with New Planner Recruiting, and most remarkably, we have yet to have an offer declined and all hires have been successful.  Thank you!"

Eric Sontag, CFA

What candidates do we work with?

  • Has, or is pursuing CFP® certification
  • Top 10% in capabilities, top 1% in effort
  • Demonstrated passion for the financial planning profession
  • Commitment to a career in financial planning
  • Takes a No Job is Beneath Them Mentality
  • Above average sense of urgency
  • Life-long learner

What firms do we work with?

  • Firms that are serious about financial planning
  • Offering salaried, non-sales, support type positons that can grow into more
  • Has reasonable expectations for new hires
  • Career track options
  • Growing revenue and client base
  • Culture of collaboration and mentorship
  • Utilize technology

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