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Finding your Path: The Roadmap from Student to Successful Financial Planner

From understanding the various channels of entry, different firm structures, and career paths available to how to properly vet hiring firms, negotiate compensation, pass your licensing exams, and develop the skills you need to excel, Finding your Path: The Roadmap from Student to Successful Financial Planner is a practical guide packed with resources, examples, ready to use scripts, and tips so you can stand out from the crowd and secure your dream job to enjoy massive success over the course of your career in financial planning.

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Must read if you want to be a Financial Planner

“If you have interest in becoming a planner, or know someone who does…then you need to get this book. Financial Planning is an important, yet completely misunderstood, profession. As a result, it can be a challenge for people to get on a successful path early in their education and/or career...”

Lots of actionable advice

“I'm a new planner about to graduate and found the sample scripts and chapter takeaways to be very actionable. I have already used some of the ideas and advice to reach out to firms, line up interviews and prepare myself for the employer interactions...”

This book can change your life

“Mr. Brown has written a book that all college business majors should read if they are thinking about Financial Planning as a career. Mr. Brown has written a clear and concise book that will equip you with information on how to be an excellent Financial Planner.”

An Unmissable Guide for All Aspiring Financial Planners!

“In "Finding Your Path: The Roadmap from Student to Successful Financial Planner," author Caleb Brown delivers an exceptional resource on positioning yourself and launching your career in financial planning...”